Glow Patio Tiles


Patio with glowing glass tile is environmentally friendly because they are made of 100% recycled glass. These true “green” tiles can be used on countertops, wall, floors backsplashes, patios and pools. Since they are a fire glass, the glass glows in the dark. A tad like solar lights. Expose them to light for a few minutes, then turn the lights out, or wait until sunset if they’re outdoors, and they will light up with an effervescent glow.

You should expect variations in color and texture, due to being handmade.

At Lincoln Custom Masonry, we inspect all tiles, and would want you to do the same, since your view may be different then ours, as to color imperfections or unexpected flaws. This is a necessary step when installing these tiles, since no adjustment can be made after installation.

Glow In The Dark Patio Tiles
Square In Center Of Glass Tile Glows In The Dark

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